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Swiss-Magic Entertainment brings you the best out of the world of magic.

Coming from Switzerland gives Swiss-Magic Entertainment a special touch. We will charm your audience with a unique style of magic. We can provides the perfect magical entertainment for any occasion. Our Magic can be adapted to any situation. If you are looking for the perfect way to enrichen your event with live entertainment look no further. Swiss-Magic Entertainment provides the speical something for events ranging from banquets to corporate events.

Our most popular Shows can also be combined :
- Close-up Magic (Table-hopping)
- Stand-up Show (the Show for every event)
- Kids-show
- the large Stage-show

Table-hopping magic und walk-around magic

This kind of performance is right under the nose of your guests. The magician goes from group to group during your cocktail party. This modern type of magic is also suitable for larger groups and events, at which not all guests are entertained together, but one after the other. Your guests will be delightet, as the magic happens in their own hands with borrowed objects.

Ausschnitt des Zauberer Dominics am Tisch mit einem Zauberstab und vier Münzen im weltberühmten Magic Castle Close-up Vorführung im Schloss mit Zauberkünstler Dominic, welcher mit drei Münzen und einem Tuch zaubert Close-up Vorführung im Schloss mit Zauberkünstler Dominic, welcher mit drei Münzen und einem Tuch zaubert

3-15 minutes per table or group
5-5'000 people
(For larger events (150+) I recommend more than one magician, so that everybody has a chance to see the magic. I can come to your event with howevermany magcians your event needs.)



Stand-Up show

For larger groups this is the perfect show. Your audience enjoys a longer performance and gets to experience mindreading, rope, newspaper, ring, silk and card magic with lots of comedy. During the show several members of the audience are asked to assist the magician, turning into stars of the show.
A stage is not even necessary. A small area onto which everyone has a clear view is all you need for the stand-up show.

Bühnenshow mit Magier Dominic der ein Seil zerschneidet und wieder herstellt - Unterhalung für Geburtstage, Firmenanlässe Parlor Zaubershow wobei gerade eine Spielkarte aus dem Spiel im Glas steigt - Der Party Zauberer Auf der Bühne sind die drei gewählten Karten in der Kartensonne in der Hand von Zauberkünstler Dominic -

30-60 minutes
10-300 people
Area of 2x2 meters
(where needed I provide a sound-system and backdrops


Die Kids show

For Birthdays and special events we offer you a very special kids show. The children don't just get to watch the magic, they participate in the show, thereby becoming the stars of the show. After the show the little ones get to learn some magic they can perform at home in a small magical workshop.

kindershow kindershow kindershow

15-40 minutes
5-300 children
recommended age: 5+


The Stageshow - Viva Las Vegas

Are you looking for a big stage show with Illusions, levitating showgirls and comedy? Do you have a large audience or even a theater full of guests? Look no further this is exactly what will amaze your guests and create a memorable experience for everyone.
The stage show requires a stage or theater and can be split into several segments to suit your event. I would love to advise you personally on how I can custum talyor the stage show for your event. (contact)

show show show

10-80 minutes
recommended for 50+ people
stage of 8x4 meters



Would you like to know more about the individual shows?
Then don't hesitate and contact us for a free consultation!




Love and magic have a great deal in common.
They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.
Nora Roberts

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